We invest upto $100k, primarily in SaaS, B2B, and Fintech sectors.

We are a thesis-driven firm focused on collaborating with founders. We like to be active investors where we collaborate on larger things such as influencing strategic shifts, and fundraising, to even small things such as hiring an engineer, or finding you a PR agency.

We were institutional VC investors in the past and we understand what needs to happen for you to raise your next round, thats where we add the most value. We can make key intros to our friends at top investing firms, to large startup and tech company CEOs for you to explore synergies, to sales and tech leaders in the ecosystem for your GTM and tech strategy, and to your next crucial hire. Give us an opportunity to pitch ourselves to you and tell you more!

Our capital comes from a few top Series A/growth stage VCs; senior business, tech, product, and sales leaders at companies such as Flipkart, Ola, Swiggy, Google, Microsoft; founders of fintech and SaaS startups; and a handful of hustlers like ourselves who want to collaborate with you to help you in any manner they can.

We understand being a founder - we are ones ourselves, only in the business of investing.

Our Partnerships

GoKwik | SaaS company focused on improving checkout experience for D2C brands

Mailmodo | SaaS company focused on AMP email automation | Must try for your marketing team, if you are big on email marketing.

Bimaplan | Affordable insurance plans for billion Indians

Simplicontract | Contract lifecycle management (CLM) for large enterprises

Qoohoo | Mobile based platform disrupting the creator & influencer economy | Are you a creator looking to monetise your distribution? Get on to Qoohoo and see the difference

56Secure | Security platform for your home and business

Convin | Conversational intelligence to make your inside sales team more effective

Lucidity | Cloud storage management platform

Deconstruct Skincare | Evidence based skin care D2C brand

Wasabi | Growth platform for small businesses

Talk to us | Reach our General Partner Yash Jain on his LinkedIn or Drop us a line at